IT Reality Podcast – Season 2 Episode 4 Appearance

ITR Podcast Logo

Forgive me for the not-so-creative title on this one, but the good people over at IT Reality Podcast (ITR for short) were gracious enough to put up with my binge drinking1 presence for their 51st Episode. So head on over and enjoy!

Topics are wide and varied. We talk about the Six Year Rule, The Dunning Kruger Effect, and I got to tell one of my favorite stories about drunk-updating my LinkedIn profile.

I want to thank @HTownVinny (aka Vince Wood) and @vNathanBennett (aka Nathan Bennett) for having me on. I can’t express enough thanks for giving this newcomer a seat at the table, given a lot of their far-higher-caliber guest list.


1Dear future employers: this is a joke.

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