Thinking Out Cloud Update: New Post Day and . . . My Plant Greg Died

I know what you’re thinking:

Bryan’s running out of ideas, so he’s making one of those cliché, ‘Here’s What’s Going on with Me’ posts.

Nope. My post is all ready to go. All I have to do is click Publish.

Spoiler alert: It’s about REST APIs. . . .

But I am holding off on posting it. As an experiment I am going to start posting on Wednesdays. It turns out I get the highest traffic on Thursdays. No idea why (bot traffic maybe?), but that’s what I’ve been seeing.

Greg, at the Plant Orphanage, during happier days.

And by the, “highest traffic,” what I mean is 9 unique visitors rather than the usual 3. So let’s see if it gains more viewers, shall we?

In other news during these trying COVID-19 times, a lot has happened:

  • I ran out of gin . . . which, of course, was replenished post-haste!
  • And some sad news during these sad times: I was able forced to go into our HQ and it would appear Greg, my cubicle plant, didn’t make it. He was a good plant. Quiet . . . Steadfast . . . Green. . . .

Greg, you will be missed.

Stay healthy and stay safe. See you Wednesday!

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