Your Friendly TOC Blogger Gets Real: Did You Spot My Master Plan?

Have an open mind on this one . . . this post may not be what it seems. It is Halloween weekend after all . . .

You may have noticed that VMworld 2021 came and went and I said nothing. I know you are probably shaking your fist in disgust and anger at me for that transgression, and for that I do apologize.

It’s not that VMware has fallen out of favor with me. I will be watching the recordings just like everyone else and I will comment accordingly.

The main reason is a personal one, and I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say this:

I have been done with Virtual Events for a very long time. I have loved the fact that vendors have offered their Virtual Events at no charge and I thank them for it. I sincerely appreciate it. It’s the right thing to do in these times. But, I have mentioned before that I started this glorious experiment in blogging two months before COVID because I craved passing on my experiences on to others in an actual room with actual people. I have no regrets, but I hope to start next year with events that I can actually be in the same room with other strange and wonderful human beings like you. But . . .

What is This Master Plan of Which You Speak, Bryan?

Funny you should ask.

I guess this is going to be a “thinker” post, because I am wondering if anyone has picked up on the fact that I called this blog Thinking Out Cloud but I have posted almost nothing about public clouds, like AWS, Azure, and so on.

Hmmmmm? Why is that?

It’s by design. I 100% expected to someday make a post like this: This site is supposed to be a journey to the (public) Cloud. I am not an AWS/Azure/GPC/Whatever Engineer. I have almost no real experience in public cloud anything.

Sure, I would like to present evidence that I have a “cloud mindset”. Take a look at my body of work and you should see that evidence. Look at my Morpheus Self-Service posts. Look at my EHRMERGERD KURBERNERTERS! posts. And if you don’t realize by now, dear reader, that AUTOMATION IS MY FREAKING JAM then, quite frankly, you haven’t been reading this blog correctly.

I am also not without at least some AWS experience. I have done a few Terraform EC2 builds. I have had some awesome trainings (thanks to my co-worker Rico and others!) on the gamut of the more well-known AWS services. There are some Venn-Diagram overlaps in Hypervisor-based Virtualization and the infrastructure provided with the Public Cloud. Therefore, I believe wholeheartedly, as I mentioned in one of my more highly-trafficked posts, I have a highly transferrable mindset, and a highly transferrable set of skills.

But What Does it All Mean?

It means, dear readers, that I am more officially moving into the public cloud realm for many, many reasons. Most of which I have written about, however subtly, and it has been an inevitability from Post 1 on this blog. It doesn’t mean I won’t be posting about my experiences with more VMware-adjacent things in the mean time, but it does mean you should expect more posts focused on AWS or Azure or insert-public-cloud-name-here.

For example, guess who has two thumbs and is getting his AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

This Guy Graphic

Maybe my next post will be about that, hmmm? You’ll have to stay tuned, or Like and Subscibe, or, Follow, or like, whatever to find out . . .

Questions? Hit me up on twitter @RussianLitGuy or email me at I would love to hear from you.

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