In Support of Being A Good Human

There are quite a few rules to blogging: “Stay in your lane” . . . “no swearing” . . . “Always Be Posting” . . . and so on.

One of the biggest rules, however, is “don’t make political commentary on a non-political blog”. WAIT! DON’T LEAVE . . . because this post is no exception. I am offering actions, not making commentary. If you want my political opinions, you certainly know how to get a hold of me.

Therefore, I will keep this one brief and offer what I can:

  1. On twitter, I have offered up my services free of charge to any organization or individual effected by or in support of the current protests, including its aftermath. If you need help with your IT infrastructure, coding, or even if you just need me to help you setup a home router, contact me at my twitter. I am in the Seattle area, but can contribute online, and my offer still stands. Feel free to RT.
  2. I have a book recommendation for you: Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko.

Stay tuned for more technical posts coming up – I have two in the hopper. In the mean time, stay safe.

You can hit me up on twitter, aforementioned, or email me at

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