Using PowerCLI the Right Way: Make Your Own Git-Friendly PowerCLI Script Modules and Manifests

What? You thought all I could do was Ansible? I have all kinds of ideas . . . .

Like, my pontifications about the geolinguistic and historical origins of the present progressive tense . . . or to what extent Tolstoy’s anarcho-pacifism was an influence on post-modern thought . . . or is there such a thing as, “Douchedar“? . . . The answer to that last question, by the way, is yes.

But this is a tech blog, so we can talk about those topics later.

Instead, I want to share what I have done with VMware PowerCLI and how to collaborate with it effectively using git. I call it the VMWARE POWERCLI TOOLKIT. Not sure why I do that in all caps, but that’s what I call it.